Villa Il Paradisino Località Colonnata
Via Cafiero, 57
50019 Sesto Fiorentino, Firenze
Tel: +39 055 4494824
  +39 333 2364718
Fax: +39 055 4483315

The Nobleman House is more ancient than the Villa: it has a medieval origin, which is still visible in some antique wide walls and from a portal dated back to the XIV century. These elements may be the proof of a "Tower House", which probably suffered some enormous damages at the time of the wars between Guelphes and Ghibellines, because of the falling down of a wall of the tower and of the attic, which was located between the living - room on the ground floor and that on the first floor.

The Tower House was restored in the XV century and it was enlarged later at the time of the Grandukes of Lorena. It became a "farmhouse" in the XIX century, with the achievement of the turning into a farm - land of the métayage.

The refurbishment of our house into apartments is a yearlong result of accurate work occurred under the supervision of the local "Superintendence Culture" . These long efforts have allowed us to find again and keep many of the elements which characterized ancient everyday life and rural work (courtyard, hen-house, well, granary and bakery wood-burning oven).


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Villa Il Paradisino via Cafiero, 57 - 50019 - Colonnata, Sesto Fiorentino,