Villa Il Paradisino Località Colonnata
Via Cafiero, 57
50019 Sesto Fiorentino, Firenze
Tel: +39 055 4494824
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Fax: +39 055 4483315

The Nobleman House forms together with the Villa Padronale the architectural – historic monumental Complex “ Villa Il Paradisino ” (“The Small Paradise”), which was the centre of a wide estate at the Medicis's time. The garden of our Villa, with huge forest trees and shrubs, the lemon tree glasshouse, the stable, the hay – loft, the cellar and about five hectares of land cultivated for centuries with olive trees (some of these are now older than 400 years), grapes fruit trees and vegetables are part of this Complex, too.

The architecture of our Complex, even though it reflects the purity of tuscan style and its simplicity, is just an example among many others in this very beautiful region. Our Complex is, with surprising anachronism, a fragment of history within the urban tissue of Florence . This is the feature that makes it so unique in its genre! Our Complex is very near to the historical center of Florence and it constitutes a complete example of Renaissance estate, which was managed in accordance with the rules of the métayage and which was bought by our family in 1839. Since that year, our estate is continually managed by our family.

Our Complex has been put under the guardianship of the “ Superintendence for the architectonic property and the landscape and for the historical, artistic and anthropological patrimony of Florence ”. This obligation has a great importance, because it protects these immovables and lands, which are worthy of respect and which form one of the biggest private park of Italy with its 50.000 mq, from any possible speculation and alteration. In this way, not only the architectonic integrity of the buildings will be preserved, but also the ambient and the organisation of the “Villa – Farm”, which go back to the Medicis's time and which have miraculously escaped to the ravages of time.




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Villa Il Paradisino via Cafiero, 57 - 50019 - Colonnata, Sesto Fiorentino,